Colloquy Chat

Colloquy is a free to use server. It was first just for my own personal use, then for friends and family. Now it is open to any who would like to use it.

At this time there is no cost to my person that would not otherwise exist, and so there is no need for any donations to operate. In the unlikely event this changes in the future, I will write up a post and notify users to start a discussion. No surprises.

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Please read the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy before using the service. Use of the service constitutes agreement with the aforementioned terms and acceptance of the privacy policy.

The terms and policy were borrowed from and modified where needed, thank you very kindly for the starting point.

Colloquy operates with an invite based registration system. You can reach out over mail/xmpp to rob at loranger dot xyz for an invite. Or just ask any existing user to create one from a client like Conversations.

About the Server

The server is now hosted on a VPS with RackNerd.

The XMPP service is running Prosody 0.12.1, there is an instance of Coturn available for users so audio/video calls are possible.

In the event of planned maintenance or downtime, users will be notified in a broadcast message over the service. In the future there may be a mailing list, but probably not any time soon.

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