Colloquy Chat

Terms of Service


This server is my personal project and the service is provided as-is and free of charge, therefore I owe nothing to anyone.

However; you can assume I will always act in the interest of the users in both a fair and open manner. I will never sell or share your data with anyone. If you require absolute privacy in communications please use encryption as then even I will not have access to your messages, and therefore cannot give it to anyone.

By registering and using an account on the server, you agree with the following Terms of Service and the privacy policy. For children under 16, the registration must be performed in consent with the holder of parental responsibility over the child.


The XMPP service is a non-commercial project run by myself Rob Loranger, and it can be used free of charge. Its primary aim is to make private decentralized communication more accessible.

There are no availability guarantees and high-traffic commercial use is not supported.

I reserve the right to delete accounts that have not been used for 6 months or longer.


Bots are allowed; they must adhere to the same TOS as regular users.

Forbidden Activities

You are not allowed to use the server for:

Examples of forbidden activities:

Accounts that violate these rules will be deleted without prior notice.

Please adhere to the above terms if you wish to continue to use the service. Ultimately if any user is doing something malicious, illegal or just bothering other users in the XMPP ecosystem or the internet at large: their account may be suspended or deleted, with or without notice, at the sole discretion of myself - Rob Loranger.

These terms may be subject to change, with notice. Notice will be provided via a server wide notification with an accompanying blog post.